Going to the gym and exercising can be very strenuous when done wrong. There is a lot struggle in finding the right routine, the myth of “just do it” has gotten a lot of people sucked in unhealthy routines. There are three categories such people fall into;

FIRST: Those lucky to have found success in your method of training their body. However, this success is not always healthy. It may lead to stiff joints, disproportional and muscles e.t.c

SECOND: Those that follow routines leading to damaged muscles among other complications and injuries (dislocations, nerve damage, slipped vertebral discs e.t.c)

THIRD: Those that cannot create a working routine or cannot keep up with a routine they are on. This usually leads to avoiding exercise all together as there is no visual progress to motivate them.

The majority of people exercising without knowledge and experience fall into the second and third category with only small minority in the first. I have always been a firm believer in working smarter not necessarily harder. There is always the option of working with a personal trainer. However, those are expensive and some of those personal trainers fall into the first category. A personal trainer would not always have the knowledge to guide you through muscle targeted training.

Working smarter is knowing which muscles you need to train, how to train them, and most importantly at what intensity you need to train them for steady and healthy progress. I am by no means a specialist in this field, I am also a victim of a haphazard exercise routine that produced almost nothing for me. I decided to invest in a personal trainer and along the way I came across a digital training routine for a fraction of the price I was going to pay. I was at first skeptical, but I have found it to be very educational and helpful. I learnt a lot about my hip flexors, their importance and how to train them, muscles I had no prior knowledge of, I finally began to see results from the effort I put in training my body.

I found out that ignoring this muscle actually leads to unreasonable weight gain due to build up of visceral fat, back aches, bad posture among other complications that could easily be fixed or avoided. However, the hip flexor is probably one of the if not the most ignored muscle in the body for most people due to our daily routines which involve sitting down in an office or a class for prolonged periods e.t.c. You can learn how to train this muscle, among other targeted muscles from today for a discounted price that would beat any personal trainer and you might not even need to go to a gym. to get access to this click below.


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